NEI grantmaking is led by a framework that employs three modules of activities. The three modules include:

  1. Promote a successful entrepreneurial eco-system
  2. Capitalize on existing regional assets and resources, and
  3. Build and employ a more skilled and educated workforce

You are invited to click on each of these to learn more about our specific work in that area. Approved in September 2009, these modules target improvement in the original NEI areas of Talent, Innovation and Culture Change, but also work to include and connect to the existing work of the NEI foundations in the Detroit metropolitan region.

NEI is interested in promoting economic inclusion in its work whenever possible. Therefore, NEI leadership will be looking for opportunities to increase minority participation in the work of NEI. This will be a common thread that will run through all of the work outlined in this implementation framework.

As NEI progresses and staff learn from the impact of our grantmaking, they will be working with the NEI Council of Economic Advisors, the NEI Governing Council and regional partners to further develop and refine this framework and associated grantmaking strategies.

Please visit the NEI Web site regularly to learn about grants-to-date, and join in NEI blog discussions to help aid thinking. For specific information on how to apply for a grant, please click here.

Thank you for your interest in the New Economy Initiative.